It started with the introductory £25 massage nearly two years ago. I have seen Becky once a month since, buying the massages in blocks which saves money. 

Becky is professional, friendly and accommodating. She knows exactly what she is doing. I suffer from the general aches and pains of being tall, active and a dad of three.

Every time I see Becky she knows what areas of my back and shoulders to work on. I leave feeling less stressed mentally and physically. Becky is very knowledgable in the field of sports massage; also strains and sports injuries caused on and off the field. 


I have been visiting Becky fortnightly since May 2018. I have suffered for many years with knee and lower back problems and gradually my mobility has reduced. I have pain in those areas but since I have been receiving treatment from Becky, I have noticed that, the pain that I was experiencing, especially around my knees and joints has reduced. She has found muscular ‘hot spots’ where there is so much tightness. She has worked on these areas and whilst the process to reduce this is painful, it has brought results and overall I am in less pain.


Becky is a lifesaver. I suffered a lot of back pain after a car accident,but she helped put me on my feet again.  The deep tissue massage I received was literally magical!


After a serious pedestrian road accident that I suffered, I started my sessions with Becky without being able to move freely and with a really strong pain in my lower back. After three sessions with her, I was able to restart working out and retake normal life activities that I haven't been able to do since the accident. The best part is that she makes my sessions like a spa day; nice music, aromatic essences and good conversation that helps me to relax and enjoy each session. I highly recommend her.


I used to get terrible migraines and nothing worked until Becky suggested I get my neck looked at. Since I started seeing her regularly for deep tissue massages my migraines have almost entirely vanished and my back and shoulders are so much more comfortable too!


Can highly recommend Becky. Had a very thorough and professional massage therapy session as having difficulties with my back and upper arm - great improvement. Many thanks!


Before beginning the programme of regular deep tissue massages with Becky, I suffered from regular back pain resulting in restless nights, migraines and daily discomfort. Becky has worked through my needs and requirements without delay, learning what works best for my body. Over the few months I have seen real improvement in daily pain and a reduction in migraines and poor sleep. I am excited to continue my work with Becky as it's the only lasting therapy/solution I have found, having suffered difficulties for over a decade and trying many other methods (exercise, gentle regular movement, chiropractors and additional sleep). I'd highly recommend her to anyone with similar problems!


I met Becky when she was working at a chiropractors in Sutton. I went there for back adjustments for a few months and I was told that Becky was a great massage therapist. I booked a deep tissue massage with her and she is very good. After every massage I feel like I am floating! She is very flexible with payments which I appreciate as well. Becky is very good at her work. 


I suffered from knotted and tight shoulders from years of competitive trampolining. After Becky’s help, after just four weeks I was able to compete in national trampolining finals in Sheffield with absolutely no pain. Her services are professional, friendly and affordable. I’ve never felt better.  I would highly recommend to anyone.